Old but Young


Maternal Love

What a nice word,
It's not just a word.
I love your smile
You're so fragile.
I love your touch
I love you so much.

You're everything to me
I knew you before I saw you.
Mother, I adore you.

You are full of emotion
You are full of devotion
Your heart is enormous
Your love is gorgeous.

No one is compared to you
You're my love and only you
Mother, whatever you do,
I'll always love you.
Mother, that's for real,
Your love is so dear,
With you, I never fear
Or even shed a tear
Mother, keep always near.

I love everything about you
I love your smell,
It's like a ringing bell
Just to wake me up
And lets me stop
From doing any wrong
You make me strong.

Mother, whenever you hold me tight
I remember when you stood all night
Beside me when I was young.
You were so generous
When I was so selfish.

There's nothing more lovely,
Than the maternal love
It comes from God, it comes from above.

Mother, I know you love me
Please be sure, I love you too.

Mother, you are so sweet
More than the music beat
Whatever I say, whatever I do,
My love for you is eternally true.

My Guide

Writing to me is a getaway

I say what I want to say.

Whenever I am feeling sad,

I just grab my writing pad

and the pain just goes away.

Time goes by,

and one day I’ll die.

No one will know how I really felt

but you’ll find my writings under my belt

and then the truth will be in the light

out there, at everybody’s sight.

I have a lot to say

I want everybody to know

I don’t want to forever hide

My feelings, my worries, my mind,

So, let this be my guide.

Somewhere Else

Now that I am leaving

Yes leaving for ever

Leaving this life, going somewhere else

I am starting to remember

Everything that’s gone.

It’s like a movie, or maybe a dream

It doesn’t seem like it was real

How did all these years pass?

What right did I do

And oh, how many wrongs?

Where will they take me?

But I was honest, that I remember

And I was kind, that’s for sure

I wonder will anybody remember me

And how will they remember me?

In what way or in which day?

I’d love to know, before I go.

Maybe I was a good person

But that’s not good enough.

I had to do more than being good

There were lots of things that could be done

Though I knew them, but all I said

“I haven’t got the time.”

Now that I remember, I ask myself

What did I do with my life?

How did I spend it?

I am so sorry now, but I have faith

That my good deeds were more.

I was human like all the rest

No one is perfect in this world

Although we tend to be the best,

That’s absurd; it’s easy to be heard.

Now I remember everything

Running, just running past me

Oh, it’s running so quickly

I can’t stop it,

So Goodbye for now

Maybe we’ll meet again

Somewhere Else.

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