Old but Young

Her Death 01/05/2009

Never ever thought that this day will come

Or to be more precise, never wanted it to come

Although I knew she was getting older

And I’ve seen the changes in her walk, talk, and her shrinking face

But to hear about her death, is unconvincing

Not because I don’t understand, nor that I have no faith

But because she is my Everything.

I could have believed it if anybody else died; even it would have been her husband

Who is my Grandfather, and it was even expected.

But her, My Granny, the love of my life, NO.

I do understand that it happened and that her life has ended

But I can’t imagine that I won’t see her again

Not to mention that I won’t talk to her as well

This is the hardest of all.

Now that I am far away from home, I am still wondering

How will it be when I go back home in summer

Going there and not finding her around

Not running towards her warm hug and kissing her

I will Then face the greatest shock, not NOW.

Maybe I will ask my grandfather where is she?

Or maybe I will go straight to the kitchen to search for her

I don’t know what I will do then

Or what will I do later

It is all Over.



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