Old but Young


I was called up by my previous company's representative telling me that I have to proceed changing my residency to my husband's as they are obliged to do so now.

So, I went with my husband and did all the necessary paper work and I had to do the rest with the representative the following day which was no problem as I was normally free.

 I finalized it and I even went and took my remaining pay cheque and visited my colleagues whom I really missed alot.

I was thinking of traveling to Egypt to complete studying my new project and even get some samples here to study the market. All this was depending on this new residency that I had to finish before booking and when it was finally over, I am now so hesitant to travel and the reason is the KIDS and their studies.

Sometimes I say, go girl it's only two days and I'll be back and that if I don't make it now, the season will be over and no way to sell my products now, and then I say No, it can wait till I go to Egypt in summer vacation and can then come back with the samples.

The problem is that now is the correct season and there are a lot of exhibitions at that time. Well, I will just wait and see, if my boy's mood is good and willing to study by his own (which is not the case always), I will go ahead and book a ticket to Cairo and if not, I will remain!



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