Old but Young


I was so excited to do this small business I was telling you about. Well, there is a very well known shop in Egypt that has many many branches all over the country and its reputation even reached here. They have all what a woman needs. What I was thinking of is to reach this shop owner and make a deal with her to open a branch here or do business with her in any way she'd like. I started calling up my friends there and asked them to get me her cell number or any contact details. Exactly one day later, I got her number and I started thinking what to tell her and how to work things especially that it isn't easy to open a shop or do any business here without a partner. Anyway, I thought of getting some of her stuff and just present them on online stores or even make open days at my house for a start, at least until I get to know customers' response and try to find a partner. I e-mailed several online stores who agreed, but their condition was that the stuff need to be available as they deliver within 24-48 hours. So, I decided to travel to Egypt and call that lady,make a deal with her and get some of the stuff to sell here. My husband agreed and told me if that's what I wanted, just do it. Then, we called that lady in Egypt to see what she thinks about the matter and guess what????????? She already signed a contract with a company here!!!!!!

I feel bad, down and distracted. I started searching for another supplier in Egypt who has the same stuff, but I don't have that enthusiasm any longer.



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