Old but Young


Today I am starting a new phase; staying at home alone without a job. I woke up early as usual, prepared breakfast for the kids, woke them up, took them to school and bought some groceries and went back home at 8:00 am. I called my maid to come in the morning instead of the afternoon as usual and thank God that she agreed. She cleaned the house, and I tidied up the kids cupboards, as they were in complete mess. After that, I headed to the kitchen, cooked for the kids and cooked for my husband (as he can't eat from our food, doctors prohibited him from eating many kinds of food), so you can say that I double cooked and also baked a chocolate cake. I hope this will make the kids happy, as other than that, they will see the strict me till the end of year (until they finish their exams). Right now, while writing this, they are at the door, just came back from school. So, duty calls!



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