Old but Young


So, when I decided to resign and take some rest from everything and everyone and enjoy some free time by myself either by going to the gym or shopping or even just sleep. But then, not only that my children are having a 9-days spring holiday, but my husband's case returned back (his disk problem) and the doctor advised him to rest at home for a week and start medication, physiotherapy, injections and all. So, my free time isn't free anymore. Well, we started the week at home for two days, although my children couldn't stay at home and I had to take them over to their friends. Then came Tuesday and I was so bored and decided to go to the gym at night with a friend of mine as there was a ladies class from 9-10 pm. Thank God that I went cause it was really worth it. Not only that I needed a change like this, but it was real fun, as it wasn't an ordinary aerobics class, but rather a dancing lesson and it ended with Salsa which was the whipped cream on the cake topping. I really enjoyed it and we had so much fun and laughing cause we were dancing from our hearts. I guess I will be going every Tuesday. As for today, I have the kids friends over at our house (8 of them). It's like a mad house, but they are enjoying themselves, at least before their vacation is over and then starting a new term before the end of year exams which will be a tough period.



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