Old but Young


I guess my son is turning into a teen ager, although he is still 11 and a half. I don't mean that he's got physical changes or anything of this sort, but his behaviour. I can't describle how he acts now. He disobeys all instructions either from me, his father as well as his teachers at school. He had detention last week at school and stayed one hour after school. His poor sister had to be punished as well, as they go home together. I tried everything with him, tried to be nice, tried to convince him into talking. I talked with teachers, doctors, specialists as well as my parents who have the experience as they are educators and PHDs. They all tell me the same things, but you know what? Rules as per the book are really nice and sound easy, but try to implement them, you will just feel exhausted and powerless. I love my son and I want to help him go through this stage, but it is difficult. He just doesn't want to listen and so stubborn. He doesn't even want to study and that's what's bothering me. His final exams are after two months and he doesn't have the intention, even though I promised to buy him the laptop he wanted if he gets A or B in all subjects. In the beginning, he was pleased, but then, it seems he doesn't care or bother anymore. I can't punish him everyday, I am fed up. I even take him out on week-ends to refresh him, but he still doesn't want to study or do his homework. For example, he has interim tests this coming week in the major subjects which are English, Maths and Science. Since the morning, I am trying to let him study so that we can go out for lunch and go to the gym later, but what he did was one hour reading and that's it. What to do? Shall I take him out, or just leave him alone at home?



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