Old but Young


I have finally quit my job after some time of nagging and thinking whether to do so or not, but I couldn't wait any longer. I hated it since the start, but I just stayed there as per everybody's advice. They kept telling me there are no jobs, people are getting fired everyday. Stay there and give it a try. And I did all that for nearly three months, but I couldn't stay. Enough is enough, and the strange thing, is that I am happy with my decision. Do you know that I've been dreaming every night about my work? All my dreams now relate to the financial statements and how they should be written and that when I go there in the morning I should correct that certain paragraph. Oh, I had terrible nights. But the one I had the day before yesterday, was the worst, no matter how I can describe it. I was reciting all the financial statement which consists of 24 pages in my dream. Can you imagine? Just saying it all over and whenever I try to wake up from this dream or just try to turn left or right in my sleep, I go back to where I stopped. I woke up in the morning and I felt I was crazy or on my way to madness. Really! So, I headed to my office, started writing my resignation letter and that's it, it was my decision. I gave it to my boss and he signed it and said that I can't just leave without notice. I told him that I am still on my probation period and that I can leave any time I wanted, but even though, I told him that I can stay for a week or two until they find a replacement and that was it. Simple, quick and without hesitation and I really feel glad. I hope that I've quit my nighmares as well.

I won't think of finding another job now, as the kids will be having their exams and then we will be traveling for the summer vacation and I really want  a good break. But what I would really love to do is a small business and I have a small capital for it, but I have to find a partner. So, I will be searching for this partner in the coming period. Wish me luck.



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