Old but Young


Hey everybody, I am back on track again after having a hectic month. Yes it was hectic in all ways, having my mom and sister here on holiday and at the same time kids had exams, plus my awful work. I don't know where to start, but at least I am back again here where I can just express all my feelings so honestly.

Ofcourse I was happy when my mom and sister were here, but the problem is they weren't bored of shopping and I couldn't just bare it like they did. They had their reason ofcourse to spend all day in the malls, they had a limited period for shopping, but for me, spending more than 12 hours in a mall was really horrible. Remember when I once told you that I love going out and spending my day shopping, well, it was kind of true except that I didn't mean ALL DAY literally.

I didn't go shopping with them everyday ofcourse, as I had to go to work in the morning and then go home for the kids. Well, everything went on ok and I guess more than ok, as my sister bought whatever she came for (clothes, accessories) as for my mom, she wanted to buy some stuff for our new beach house in Egypt. Till the last moment, she was shopping. We went to the airport on her last day and weighing her luggage, we were informed that the plane is delayed for 3 hours. Guess what? It was for her good, as she was hesitant to go and buy a vase she liked in one of the shops, now she decided to go and buy it.

Well they are back home now and I am back to my track. Though my track is much boring now. Only homeworks and studying.

On the other hand, I have to admit that I hate my work and that everyday I say today is the day when I will go in to my boss and say "I quit". I hate being there, can't stand the place, nor the job itself and you may put all that aside, and try to imagine the kind of people surrounding me. Well, maybe this will be the last month for me. In all ways, I can't continue with them, as you know that I have to go to Egypt in summer. I won't just give up my kids, husband, all my family waiting for me there as well as my friends, just because they won't give me my summer holiday at work. YES, they say that work has priority and that there is a due date for presenting the financials (which happen to be the same period as my yearly vacation). Well, I guess in a little while, the decision will be made and you will be the first to know.
















05/18/2009 04:15

i'd like to say, i suffer from the same thing, whether good or bad memories, i feel them like it happened a moment ago.


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