Old but Young


Hey girls, guess what??????????????? My husband is travelling to Dubai for 3 days and I will be freeeeeeeeeeeee. I can go out with the kids to the mall, or just hang out with my friends or even we can party at home till late at night. WOW. It's not that I am doing all this behind of his back, not at all and he doesn't mind, but the problem is he is always around and I can't invite my friends over, cause we won't be free to dance or sing cause there is a man at home. As for going out, I am always free to do that, but unfortunately, I can't leave him for a long time. I never really spoke about my husband and about our story to get married. It is a long story and I will start posting it soon. But for the time being, I have to mention that my husband when I first met him, he was such an outgoing person who didn't stay at home or even if he did, it had to be with lots of friends and with all sorts of parties. Nowadays, he is a typical HOUSE-LOVING Person. He loves to go back home from work just to relax on the sofa or in bed and watch TV (either the local channels, cables, DVDs, whatever) or chat over the internet and ofcourse the most recent entertaining habbit for him nowadays is downloading movies and songs from the internet. Well, what I want to say is that he doesn't like to go out often, it is only on Fridays and unfortunately, this doesn't suit me. I am a free bird who doesn't like the cage, even it was a golden with diamonds cage (which is the case with me) as Thank God, I have a lovely home that I really like, but I also love going out alot. So, I do go out without him sometimes and he is ok with that, but as soon as I go out, I feel lonely (that is if I go out alone without the kids or without my friends). Well, now I have three full days to enjoy, so let's put up a PLAN. 



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