Old but Young


When I saw "R" on Thursday and got to know from her that the court session was postponed and she never even called to say that she was available to come and work on that day, I really got upset and gave her a piece of my mind telling her that I won't accept this attitude in future. Anyway, my husband has invited some friends for BBQ  on Saturday, so I told "R" to come early on that day to help out.

Saturday morning, the cell phone rang at exactly 7:00 am and ofcourse it was "R" telling me in such a rude way that she is not coming in today. When I shouted at her for the reason why she was not coming, my husband ofcourse woke up. She just said that  AB's aunt needs her today to clean her house, of course this made me nervous. First, because she doesn't work neither at AB nor at his aunt's and that she gets paid from me on a monthly basis. Second, because even if she wants to go and clean this lady's house, it can be on a Friday and especially NOT on the day we were expecting guests. I handled the phone to my husband who told her either she comes here right away or she doesn't come here again. She came after one hour saying that this aunt came to fetch her and that poor "R" had to send her back and that the aunt told her to come to us, take her salary and don't come back again. I don't know but I had the feeling that she was lying. Her eyes were almost closed, her hands were all covered with Henna, it seemed that she was partying all night and just wanted to take a rest. When we told her that we are not paying her salary today and that she had to wait for four days till the end of the month, she was so angry and left. 

That's it. I ended up cleaning, cooking, tidying the place, washing, and not in any kind of mood to receive my guests. I was so mad and frustrated to the extent that I started talking to myself. I began singing "Don't worry, Be Happy" but it was useless cause I kept on thinking of the kids and what to do with them till they finish their holiday. Well, it turned out to be a great party and we all had fun. Now, all my concern is to find another maid and QUICKLY. 


"C" left just two weeks before the kids'  30-days holiday and I had to find another alternative, as my mother in law was going to travel back home and no one will be staying with the kids during this long long holiday. We started looking for another maid and I knew quite well that I won't find anybody near to "C's" qualifications. I was so desperate to find someone quickly in order to train her and examine her while my mother in law is still with us, as I can't just leave my kids with a complete stranger whom I don't trust. We got to know that our neighbour (Mr. AB) has a maid "R" whom he doesn't really want as a full timer now, as he has divorced his wife and the maid can't live with him alone now. He was willing to transfer her residency in February, as it was valid till then. We were ok to have her for a couple of months without transfering the residency, and it was more convenient to us in order to examine her. She said that she was living with her sister for the time-being and she will be coming to us from early mornings to late afternoons on a daily basis except for Fridays, as she goes to clean her sponsor's (Mr. AB) house.  She started her job very well to the extent that my husband (who hates maids at home) was really pleased with her, as well as his mother. They kept telling me that she is much more better than "C" and ofcourse I wasn't at all accepting her to replace my "C" whatsoever. Anyway, one month went on ok with me, she was doing her job and tried to come close to the kids. Then the following month, she started to be a bit lazy and maybe because my dear husband was praising her all the time and was nice, so she thought that she can get whatever she wanted. She started by telling us that she has to go a little bit early on some certain days as Mr AB wants her to clean the house and sometimes because his mother wants her help. That was ok as long as she stayed at home with the kids until I got back from work. Then, one day she told me that she will be going to AB's house first day of the Eid vacation, cause they were having some relatives coming over. Actually, I wasn't really happy about it, but it was ok somehow, as we were spending two nights in a hotel anyway, but I didn't like the concept itself. A week later, she told me that next Wednesday she will not be able to come as she needs to attend a Court Session with Mr. AB. Ofcourse, this was not convenient for us, as there was nobody to sit with the kids at home and they were still on holiday. I couldn't do anything about it though, cause it was a court order and she was a witness and I had to take my kids to a friend of mine for the whole day. Then, two days later, she just threw a bomb!


I used to have a lovely maid (C is her name) for the last 5 years, she was like a mother to me and a grandmother to my children. Being so intimate, my husband got jealous maybe, or I don't know how to describe it, but he didn't like her or her attitude with us. She was really keen on us and our house, she felt as if it was her own and started doing things her way and even bought things for the house. She didn't really have BAD intentions, but my husband didn't like that. I was ok with everything as long as it was nice and useful, and ofcourse if she bought something I didn't like, I would simply not use it. Anyway, she started working with us ever since my daughter was one year old and we were new comers here and I didn't even have a job yet. She started as a part timer, coming once or sometimes twice a week for cleaning, laundry, etc... Then after nearly a year, I started searching for a job cause I really got fed up staying at home, especially that I am not a home person. My husband agreed for the thought of working, but on the condition that it was a light job "not long hours' job". This was ofcourse like a NO from his side, as he didn't really want me to work here, as he had a very good job with a very good salary, and didn't want me to leave my kid alone yet. Although I was working back home, but he says that it was completely different, having my mother around and also my grandmother then (God rest her soul) to look after the children. Anyway, I found a job as an Executive Secretary in a school with the perfect working hours and holidays and I upgraded "C" to work permanently on a daily basis with a  full salary and I was paying her as she was my savior. Ever since, "C" was good and my children loved her and this is what I wanted the most. In addition to all her dedication and her regular work, she used to fetch the kids from school. I can never deny all her efforts and sincere feelings, but what happened had happened and nothing can change that now and I won't go into details now cause I am really sad and sorry about it: "There was a big fight with her and my husband, with shouting, screaming at her and all, that led to not seeing "C" again, that was it". Don't imagine that I didn't fight for her, it was a big story that my mother in law witnessed and I guess I will tell you all about it later.


My kids keep calling me every 15 minutes and Thank God they are ok physically, but ofcourse they are fighting. Anyway, I promised them to take them out all day tomorrow, as we have a holiday, that is if they were good with each other and not complaining every now and then.  As you know I am at work and can't receive all these phone calls from them all day, even though I am not really WORKING. It is a hard time for everyone now, not just me, and not just my department.


So, this is my first day to write in this blog. Actually I have a lot to say and don't know where to start. To begin with, I am really unhappy these days. Lots of bad things happened to me during this month and I can't wait for the new year, hoping it would be a better year. Well, my kids are all alone at home now. They are 7 and 11 and alway nagging with each other over stupid things, but had no other solution other to keep them at home alone today. I work and my maid just left us. I will tell you the whole story later, but right now, I am worried sick about my kids. I have lots of friends who keep their children alone at home, but I don't know, I am not feeling comfortable, maybe because it is the first time. Let's just hope that they are OK together.