Old but Young


Today I am starting a new phase; staying at home alone without a job. I woke up early as usual, prepared breakfast for the kids, woke them up, took them to school and bought some groceries and went back home at 8:00 am. I called my maid to come in the morning instead of the afternoon as usual and thank God that she agreed. She cleaned the house, and I tidied up the kids cupboards, as they were in complete mess. After that, I headed to the kitchen, cooked for the kids and cooked for my husband (as he can't eat from our food, doctors prohibited him from eating many kinds of food), so you can say that I double cooked and also baked a chocolate cake. I hope this will make the kids happy, as other than that, they will see the strict me till the end of year (until they finish their exams). Right now, while writing this, they are at the door, just came back from school. So, duty calls!


So, when I decided to resign and take some rest from everything and everyone and enjoy some free time by myself either by going to the gym or shopping or even just sleep. But then, not only that my children are having a 9-days spring holiday, but my husband's case returned back (his disk problem) and the doctor advised him to rest at home for a week and start medication, physiotherapy, injections and all. So, my free time isn't free anymore. Well, we started the week at home for two days, although my children couldn't stay at home and I had to take them over to their friends. Then came Tuesday and I was so bored and decided to go to the gym at night with a friend of mine as there was a ladies class from 9-10 pm. Thank God that I went cause it was really worth it. Not only that I needed a change like this, but it was real fun, as it wasn't an ordinary aerobics class, but rather a dancing lesson and it ended with Salsa which was the whipped cream on the cake topping. I really enjoyed it and we had so much fun and laughing cause we were dancing from our hearts. I guess I will be going every Tuesday. As for today, I have the kids friends over at our house (8 of them). It's like a mad house, but they are enjoying themselves, at least before their vacation is over and then starting a new term before the end of year exams which will be a tough period.


I was so excited to do this small business I was telling you about. Well, there is a very well known shop in Egypt that has many many branches all over the country and its reputation even reached here. They have all what a woman needs. What I was thinking of is to reach this shop owner and make a deal with her to open a branch here or do business with her in any way she'd like. I started calling up my friends there and asked them to get me her cell number or any contact details. Exactly one day later, I got her number and I started thinking what to tell her and how to work things especially that it isn't easy to open a shop or do any business here without a partner. Anyway, I thought of getting some of her stuff and just present them on online stores or even make open days at my house for a start, at least until I get to know customers' response and try to find a partner. I e-mailed several online stores who agreed, but their condition was that the stuff need to be available as they deliver within 24-48 hours. So, I decided to travel to Egypt and call that lady,make a deal with her and get some of the stuff to sell here. My husband agreed and told me if that's what I wanted, just do it. Then, we called that lady in Egypt to see what she thinks about the matter and guess what????????? She already signed a contract with a company here!!!!!!

I feel bad, down and distracted. I started searching for another supplier in Egypt who has the same stuff, but I don't have that enthusiasm any longer.